Distribuidores de marcas para mecanizado y decoletaje

Our courage to adhere to uncompromisable high quality standards can be traced through Schlenker‘s 60 year company history. After graduate engineer Dipl.-Ing. Josef Meißner took over the company in 1986, it was his vision that kept Schlenker faithful to its roots. Unimpressed by the production relocations to foreign countries by other German companies, Schlenker maintained reliance on Germay as it’s sole business location. True to this vision, in 1990 they constructed an expansive new facility in the industrial area of Schwennigen. When Josef Meißner died in 1999, his wife Inge took over the management of the company and she continued to drive success for Schlenker in the same spirit as her husband. 

Their daughter Britta Hoffman joined the comany in 2006 after completing her engineering studies and gathering work experience at home and abroad. She has been running the Schlenker company as its manager since 2008. Today, Schlenker ranks as one of the technological leaders in the clamping tool (workholding) market , and is, above all, continuosly concentrating on the expansion of customer-specific business and innovative product solutions. A team of more than 70 qualified and motivated employees stand ready to successfully design and manufacture these exceptional products.

The quality of our products and Schlenker’s success are inexorably linked. Even in this age of low-cost production in other countries, we rely on Germany as the sole location for our facilities. As our customers require more specialized product solutions rather than standard products, Schlenker’s engineered specialty designs are added value options for our customers. Our manufacturing process has been organized to ensure that no variants will cause delays in delivery of products to our customers.

QUALITY » Far beyond the product, quality means a strict adherence to pre-defined manufacturing requirements and practices within each of our company divisions. In order to reach our goals, we make rigorous professional training and process development our top priorities.

FLEXIBILITY » As a medium-sized enterprise, flexibility is an essential element of our success. This includes production facilities that are 100% vertically integrated, as well as the approach of our staff towards individual customer requirements and the awareness of market changes, and the ability to adapt, quickly.

PROMPTNESS » Flat hierarchies and senior staff oversight optimize each of our processes, from initial consultation to final shipment. This also ensure the shortest and most rapid decision paths at all times.